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Price analysis for Automotive Professionals.

Price API

Flexible API to meet a large variety of customer requirements and project goals.


One tool – Two powerful solutions:
Cash Value Analysis and Inventory Assessment for automotive dealerships
and Replacement Value Assessment for automotive adjusting experts.

Data Archive

Access to Historical Screening Records. Replacement value assessment to any day in the past.


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For automotive dealerships

Truly value your inventory!

Track inventory (multi location support) including car-specific cash value analysis
Integrated quote generator
Interface to DAT VIN including automated vehicle information transfer
Interface to DAT SilverDAT

Cardetektiv provides real-time automotive market screening and cash value analysis. Our solutions are proven to maximize your gross profit per sale and will take your inventory turnover ratios to the next level. By natively interfacing with various data sources, such as DAT SilverDAT, Schwacke and VIN, including automated vehicle information transfer, market screening efforts are reduced to the bare minimum by eliminating redundant hence time-consuming data entries.

For automotive experts

Real-time data analysis

Interface to DAT VIN including automated vehicle information transfer
Interface to CombiPlus
Interface to Schwacke
Historical Screening Records Database (Assessment range)

Feeding Cardetektiv with vehicle information is easy and intuitive and will be rewarded with accurate, real-time results.
Benefit from our unrivalled transparency:
Our solutions won’t provide you with arbitrary results from a “black-box” setting that keep you guessing. With Cardetektiv you can rely on precise information collected from credible automotive market sources. Each analysis is supported by a complete documentation that can serve as evidence should your expert opinion ever be challenged.

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